B3 WordPress Theme

B3 is customizable responsive WordPess theme based on Bootstrap 3 framework, it looks nice on both wide and small screen:

the content area is 3/4 of page width with sidebar of 1/4 on 970+ pixel screen and 2/3 content with 1/3 sidebar for smaller screens.

  • Left or right sidebar;
  • Multi-level navigation menu displays pages or any custom menu;
  • Two page templates – default and wide, with no sidebar;
  • Image carousel with editable description and links;
  • Optional top widget area;
  • Optional bottom widget area (4 or 3 widgets in row);
  • Colorizable text, headers, links and navigation bar;
  • Lightweight, not intricate theme options page;
  • RTL language support;
  • Russian localization included;
  • Backup and restore options;
  • Free, GPL licensed;


When you select custom color for links, the color for hover links will be changed prorgammatically to more dark as selected color. In a similar manner the second color for navigation bar gradient is being assigned. Analogously, post icons (date, user, category, tags) color is calculated from main text color.

Widgets and post content can be displayed as “panels” – blocks with rounded corners.

Changes in v1.2.7:

  • Theme tags list update (fluid-layout, responsive-layout);
  • Adjacent post links option: titles, previous/next, disable.

Changes in v1.2.6:

  • Main menu placement option (default, top, fixed-top, fixed-bottom, full-width);
  • Option disabling the_content filter for slides (to remove “share in social networks” buttons);
  • Page background color option;
  • Carousel switch moved to Slides tab;
  • b3theme_carousel function pluggable;
  • Update respond.js to 1.4.2;
  • Update Bootstrap to 3.1.1.

Changes in v1.2.5:

  • Added: Bootstrap styling for <!--nextpage--> (wp_link_pages)
  • New option: older-newer or numbered blog pagination
  • New option: extended or minified Not Found page
  • Fixed: img.wp-smiley styling in widgets
  • Minor change in theme options css

Changes in v1.2.4:

  • Fixed: a typo in comments.php
  • Added: adjusted titles for term and custom post type archive in archive.php
  • Update Bootstrap version to 3.0.3

19 comments on «B3 WordPress Theme»

  1. Hello.

    How can i change the preinstalled sliders on the frontpage.

    I can’t find anything and the change at …/wp-admin/themes.php?page=b3theme_settings#b3theme-slides have no effect.

  2. Hello, Thomas, on the theme options page (Appearance – B3 Theme Settings) – choose at the “Site Branding” tab: Homepage carousel – Yes, then add your pictures at the “Slides” tab.

  3. Hello Thomas. Do you mean link of a post date? It’s in inc/template-tags.php, line 187-188. So, you need to modify this file.

    Just remove 187-188, keep only $time_string);

  4. Hello Andrey,
    we have problem to add plugin with link button for social network like “Hupso shrae button” because it adds the buttons into the first images.
    Can you suggest some plugins for social network or any solutions ?

  5. Aha, Mauro, I understand the issue now: you need button don’t appear in slides (and WP Ya share behaves similarly as Hupso).

    It is because B3 theme uses the_content filter for slide text output. The solution is to disable this for slides, see line 363 in functions.php.

    Just remove apply_filters('the_content', $slide['content']), keep $slide['content'] only.

  6. Domenico, in theme options: enable top sidebar, then in Appearance – Widgets: add a text widget into the top sidebar and place there any html code.

  7. Sia, the theme shows some widgets by default. You can manage widgets in the Appearance -> Widgets.

  8. Hi Andrey
    Is there a way to align the left widget in the bottom side bar with the main content -area?
    Best regards

  9. Nando, try to add this CSS rule:
    #sidebar-bottom .widget ul {list-style: none; padding-left: 0;}
    Then bullets of a widget get hidden and list items start in the same position as the main content.

  10. Hi Andrey,

    I’m using your B3 wordpress theme.

    Is there a way to make the dropdown menu drop when I hover the cursor over it (so the user doesn’t have to click the menu item in order to see what’s in drop down menu)?

    I hope I’m clear – when I put the mouse on the page name in the menu, I’d like the subpages to appear without having to click the mouse. Is this possible somehow?

    Thanks, Mihailo

  11. Hi Mihailo, certainly yes. But as you see, this feature is not realized in Bootstrap out of the box. It’s a hard work to polish behavior for all screen and devices. Now I added this short javascript code on this site, it works but has issues with 3rd level:
    jQuery(function() {
      jQuery('.navbar-nav a.dropdown-toggle').mouseover(
        function(){jQuery(this).click(); return false;

    Try to hover the menu now (if not works yet, clear your browser cache: CTRL + F5).
    Look this project: https://github.com/CWSpear/bootstrap-hover-dropdown – people are working on this problem more then 2 years.

  12. You’re a genius mate, it works perfectly now!
    You have a beer when in Serbia! 😉

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